Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tot School- Hh

Now it's Z's turn...We call our time together as Tot school. Tot school is focused time with (my) toddler, exposing early learning skills through fun play. It is not too structured. Actually, I am still in the process of learning how to teach Z. Sometimes, it's tempting to compare Z with Em and have her as the standard of what he shoud be learning. But I have to be reminded that God made him different from Em, and that He alone can give us wisdom and patience in teaching and discipling our boy. :)

While Em is doing her schoolwork, Z and I usually play, sing or color together. Or I just let him do his own thing- he usually plays with his sword and armor. I give him quiet time to work alone with puzzles, but if you know Z, he cannot stay quiet and still for a long time! He is our boy full of energy. He also gets hungry around this time, so I let him have some snacks. As Z is getting older, I hope to be more intentional and be more prepared in giving him one-on-time. For more ideas on Tot school visit 1+1+1=1.

Letter Hunt


He was so proud of his work! Hahaha

While Em and I are busy, this is what he usually likes to do- which leaves the whole room all messy. We are working on having him clean up after himself. Praise God that little by little, he is learning to obey when he is told to clean up.
Clean-up Time 

He also likes to play with random stuff around the house. 

One of his favorites is "hainting". 

Here he is riding his "dino-horse".



  1. Nice one ate. Love u zeke. Godbless u.

    1. Thanks Tito! We love you! God bless you too.

    2. So adorable! Ang galing mo tyaron, carry mo pagsabayin cla ng d nai- stress haha! Ako I think I was also tempted na ipagkumpara cla renn at hannah pagdating s progress s learnings, bilang c renn ang standard pero the Lord told me magkaiba cla ng ugali at interest :D

    3. Praise God tyalu! Sa totoo lang, nakakastress din minsan (or madalas, hehe).. pero kelangan ng maraming prayers for patience and self-control...hihi.. Tska kelangan focus on progress, not on perfection, at syempre bata pa sila kaya dapat learning thru play muna. Kung maayos ang attitude ko teaching them, mas maeencourage sila matuto. Academics is important but kelangan focus sa character development (mainly fear of God and obedience) habang bata pa :)