Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Highlights

A blessed New Year to all! I've been looking forward to writing a review of our 2013. I thought the Christmas break from homeschooling will give me extra time to catch up on blogging and planning for the New Year. I was wrong! I used up all the extra time to organize the kids' toys and clothes and I've been going to bed early (but lately, I've been waking up around 2 in the morning and I only get to go back to sleep once Daddy goes to work- which is around 5:30). Can I please blame it all on my pregnacy hormones?hehe...

Though this is kinda late (based on my personal calendar), I'm really glad I finally get to look at our 2013 pictures! It was a joy to be reminded how God has been faithful, and to see how the kids are growing- way too fast actually! Here are the highlights of our 2013. Hope you all enjoy it. To God be the glory!:)

Finally! I was able to finish all the paperworks and take the Oath of Citizenship. I came here on October 2007 and the paperworks for the adjustment of my status seems neverending. Not to mention the expensive processing fees!ha! Thank God it's over and I got to shred tons of documents we kept for almost 6 years.

Our church co-hosted a sister church's Missions Conference. For the first time, Em got to dress up in a saya and kamison (traditional Filipiniana outfit). It was also nice for her and Z to witness a showcase of Filipino tradition. 

Here are more pictures from the Missions Conference.

Praise God that Z's eczema is getting under control; we also get to snap several photos of him (he doesn't like taking pictures). This is one of my favorite pics of them on Resurrection Sunday. It reminds me of how it is growing up with my brother. 

1985; 2013 

Z turned 2!!! He was so happy that he gets to sit facing forward. We usually keep our babies' carseat rear-facing during the first two years. 

We've been praying for a new addition to our family. In anticipation of God answering our prayers, we started Kindergarten on April 15- hoping to finish several months before the baby arrives. 

It's only been less than a year and I cannot believe how Em and Z has grown and learned a lot! 

Em was so excited to see her favorite flower bloom. She looks forward to planting sunflower again this year.

Z's food allergies and eczema made naptime, mealtime and bedtime a big challenge! We thought of potty training him and see how he is going to like it. We were truly surprised that he was ready for it and he was diaper-free within two weeks. Praise God that there is something easy about!

Daddy and Em loves to garden. Em was so excited to harvest some eggplants for the first time and make it into her favorite omelet. She loves to plant and when asked what she would like to become when she grows up, she'd say she is going to become a Farmer Mommy! hihi :)

Guess who turned five year old this year? Oh yeah, our little baby girl is not little anymore (huhuhu..). She's been looking forward to visiting Disneyland on her 5th birthday. She wanted to go back but we told her maybe on Z's 5th birthday. That will be 3 years from now- which means a lot of time to save up for another costly Dland visit.

Obviously, our family enjoys gardening. Below is our largest and sweetest watermelon harvest. 

We rarely go on family vacations for the following reasons: (1) it's hard to go anywhere with a small baby with multiple food allergies and severe eczema; and (2) it's expensive. I also like to say that I'm on vacation all the time- because I am a stay-at-home mom. I always praise God for the opportuniy to stay home and homeschool our kids. Yet, a simple vacation like this is something we all treasure- a short break from everyday life and a chance to enjoy God's blessings and creation away from home. It's also an advance celebration of our 6th wedding anniversary- since it's too cold for me to go anywhere during our anniversary week. 

The highlights of our vacation: 
-Em was happy to meet Elmo. 
-She wanted to sit on the "wet zone" while watching Shamu, Daddy and Mommy were not thrilled about that and we had to decline her request. 
-Both Em and Z enjoyed the penguins and Em saw her favorite flamingos.

-Enjoying barbecue, tea and pillow fight.

-Before heading home, we were able to visit a "humpkin patch" (as Z calls it). It was Em's first time sliding on the ginormous slide. Z was not happy with the mess and started cleaning the hay, he said "it's messy!". Em was ecstatic to get to be the train conductor.

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on the 11th, and two days before Thanksgiving, we got to find out the gender of our new baby. Tada! It's a G-I-R-L! An answered prayer for Em. :)

In 2012, we did the Names of Jesus lessons. This year, we used the Jesse Tree lessons for Advent. The kids decorated their tree with ornaments that correspond to each lesson. 

It was indeed a blessed year for us. Trials and problems came but indeed, God is faithful. To Him be the glory! :)

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