Friday, December 6, 2013

Tot School- Ee

Z enjoys working on puzzles. I grouped the pieces of a puzzle together and he puts them in order.

Lately, he's been cleaning up after himself. As much as I want to expand the activity, like tell stories using the puzzles he formed, he wanted to clean up as soon as he was finished.

This is the first time I let him work on beading. I used to be scared that he would swallow the beads. I still make sure though that I watch him closely while he plays with them.

Z seriously working on his beads.

I was amazed that he actually did it! But he did not want me to take a picture of his finished product.

I tried if he is going to like playing/working on ABC Find It. He finished it, but he was getting frustrated working on it. The cut images are crowding each other on the image sheet and they won't stay in place, he wanted it neatly placed on top of the image sheet.

Some playdough fun. He said he made a pizza. 

Cute moment playing together. This is kinda rare..hehe

On Fridays, while Em is having her piano lesson with my friend, I keep Z busy by working on his favorite activities. This time he didn't put the puzzles away as soon as he was finished, he was pointing to each object on the puzzles.


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