Monday, January 27, 2014

Celebrating 100th Day of School

It was our 100th Day of school last January 15th!! To celebrate, we did a special lesson and some crafts, and we made pizza too. :)

We started it off by reading Psalm 100, praising God for His goodness and His many blessings to our family and thanking God for the opportunity to homeschool. We also sang hymns and joyfully praised God.  

She was excited to finally get to write 100 on our 100 chart.

Making 100 with her pencil color and fists.

She made a 100th Day Glasses. Printable is from here.

My cutie pie :)

This is how Em is going to look like at 100 years old.


Now it's time for snacks! She counted 10 sets of 10 sprinkles, and enjoyed her favorite chocolate ice cream topped with 100 sprinkles.

We made pizza (crust is store bought) with guess how many toppings?- yes, a hundred! Half of the pizza is topped with ham and pineapples. Em doesn't like pineapples, so her side of the pizza has only ham on it.

Praise God for our 100th Day and each day of school. :)

Update: Here are some cute photos of Z that day:


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