Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Father's World-K Snack Ideas

Helping out in the kitchen has been a fun and important part of learning with Em. She really enjoys it. It is also a great way for me to integrate math, reading, following instructions, and also basic and kid-friendly kitchen skills. Some snacks we prepared are also useful in reinforcing the lessons for each unit. 

We are one unit away from finishing Kindergarten!! Yay!! We didn't get to prepare snacks for each unit but I'm planning on having a Snacks Day and update this post once we get to do it.

 Unit 1: Sun


 Unit 2: Moon
We made a moon cake using the recipe from My Father's World Teacher's Manual. 

 The phases of the moon:

Unit 4: Apple
This is my very first time making an appe pie. I would say not bad for the first attempt. Since then, Em's been requesting to make one when there's a holiday or special occasion. We used the recipe from the book How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World (one of Em's favorite books).

 Unit 5: Nest
Bird on a nest using pretzel sticks, cereal, nutella and peeps candy.

Unit 6: Turtle
This one turned out really cute. (I didn't let Em eat the turtle's head since I used sharpies to draw its eyes and mouth.)

Unit 8: Dinosaur

Unit 9: Octopus

Unit 11: Insect
Honey sandwich

Mango yogurt with honey

Unit 13: Cow
We made butter using the recipe from the Teacher's Manual. It took a long time for the butter to form, we had to ask Daddy to have a little workout by shaking the bottle vigorously. :)

The finished product. We enjoyed it with some crackers. 

Unit 18: Zebra
We made Zebra pudding using the recipe from the Teacher's Manual.

Unit 24: Vegetables
I used this opportunity to have Em try a new vegetable (turnip) but she just took few bites- she said she doesn't like it. On the other hand, cucumbers has always been Em and Z's favorite.

With each bite, Z would show me the cucumber and said "Boat", and then "shark!". I don't see it though..hehe. 

Mean Green Juice using kale, celery, green apples, ginger and lemon.
Juicing has been a part of our weekly menu plan. (Since I have limited skills in cooking veggies, this has been a great way to incorporate veggies in our family's diet.)

Unit 26: Yellow
Rainbow Fruit Salad

Z yelled "mine!" when he saw the fruits. Em wanted to make another rainbow but we ran out of strawberries. She ended up eating Z's leftover.

There are tons of snack ideas online but I tried to stick to ideas that are easy to prepare and simple enough for Em to make. :) And also, Em is allergic to peanuts and Z is allergic to almost everything so our snacks need to be allergen-free.