Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tot School- Learning Shapes Can Be Fun!

Lately, Z has been interested in numbers and shapes (more than the alphabets). I read from this article that learning shapes helps children identify objects as well as letters. More so, recognizing and naming shapes is a basic skill that will help them with math, reading, writing, and drawing too. I decided to take advantage of his desire to learn shapes and enjoy playing and learning with him.

We focused on two shapes at a time and did a review when Z is already familiar with the common shapes. To keep him interested, we used various toys, made some art projects and we also played games indoors and outdoors.

Printable is from here.

I left the tray on the table and this is what he did. He was pointing to his nose and said that his shapes has a nose. I then expalined to him what he is supposed to do- which is to put the cut-out squares and rectangles on its respective spot/box.


I formed shapes using various materials and I asked him to form his own.
Forming shapes using:
 -Cuisinaire rods

 - Cottons swabs



Shape Hunt


I drew shapes on the pavement. I called on to a certain shape and he has to step on it. Z and Em had lots of fun playing this.

I set out the "name" part of the puzzle and he has to find the other half.

I lined up the flashcards and asked questions like "where is the yellow rectangle? He would then set aside the correct flashcard. He also gets to move around (a lot)- which is a good thing to use up his extra energy!

He is fond of dominoes, so we used it to "review" rectangles.

To reinforce learning, we did some reviews. He lets his frog hop on to the shape I called out.


I cut out various shapes and instructed Em and Z to make a house and a tree. I was surprised that Z is not bothered with the sticky glue. He is usually unhappy when his hands are dirty and sticky.

Em joined us and got pretty creative in adding fruits to her tree and a welcome rug. Z wanted some fruits too!

He also requested to make a robot.


Z's favorite! Fries!!

 Who knows learning shapes can be fun!! :)

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